be. simply be. be independent.

your place for memorable vacations and more.

your holiday home is a simple construction which offers a place to decelerate. silence and privacy.
focused on the essential. basics without restrictions. back to the roots. 
with a beautiful view. made out of wood.


for you the kitchen offers an elementary equipment to take care of yourself. 
breakfast is served daily. affiliated
are showers and toilets. a common kitchen of encounters.
a tavolata. cook together, eat together. encounters connect, encounters remain. 

time for yourself. time to find friends.

cabana nobre
cabanita gambario II
cabanita gambario
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cabanita gambario III
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cabanita gambario
outside terrace
cabana nobre
your home
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the holiday homes.
wood offers a cosy atmosphere. handmade and unpretentiously.

simply furnished.
without restrictions.

no disturbances.
a place for unfolding.

the common kitchen.

everything wooden.
the centre: a tavolata.
meet people. eat. drink. enjoy. 

equipped with basics

to take care of yourself.

affiliated showers and toilets.

kitchen II
common kitchen
plant detail
first tomatoes & herbs
the environment
the environment
the environment
plant allt together
the environment
the environment
the environment
the environment
the environment
the environment

the environment.

a view of the portuguese countryside.
embedded between soft hills

and rough stones.

lush sunshine.
located next to loulé.

connected but off the beaten track. authentic.


be. simply be. be independent.

we are aiming for a sustainable self-sufficient way of living.

the idea of vamaro exists since a long time.
the decision of actually daring this step and realizing it all, was made in september 2016 in loulé, portugal.
it was sealed by a handshake. based on a long friendship and the will to realize a dream,

we set the cornerstone for our goal.


blacksmith & musician.

one of a kind.


lecturer & gastro-rocker.

the other kind.

our dream in the making:

"about 38.000m² are offering a place for a free unfolding and development.


a closed water circuit regenerates itself. rain water is collected.

different stone layers and soil, water plants and microorganisms are ensuring a permanent self-cleaning.


320 sunny days per year are providing a basic gain of energy.
solar panels are transforming sunlight into energy, which feeds the circuit.


fertile soil guarantees an own production of food.


simple constructions are offering a place to decelerate.

silence and privacy. focused on the essential. basics without restrictions.

back to the roots. made out of wood.


a common kitchen of encounters. cook together, eat together. a tavolata.

encounters connect, encounters remain. time for yourself. time to find friends.


lived art and culture. creative work. craftsmanship, music and exchange.


located in a valley with a typical algarvian character. authentic but different.


secluded but right in the middle. close to beaches and civilisation. off the beaten track.

a special place on planet earth."



sitio da serra

8100-296 loulé

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